Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Bit of Your Refund = Funds for Local History

A donation using the box above will go to the new OHS History Grant progam.
There are ideas - and then there are really good ideas. The new check box on the Ohio Income Tax form is the latter - a really good idea that will provide funding for all sorts of local history projects.
This is how it will work. You write a number in the appropriate box on your Ohio Income Tax Form. >> The amount you indicate will be given to the Ohio Historical Society.>> OHS will put that money in a fund. >> The fund will be used for a new grant program.>> The grants from this new program will go to local history projects in communities all around Ohio.
Projects that can be funded with the grants include: programs, restoration, conservation, exhibits - all kinds of things. Grants of this type are very much needed - and a new program is welcome news, indeed.
So think about giving $5 of your tax refund to this new program. Chances are very good that $5 will find its way right back to Massillon in the form of a grant for local history projects here at the library.

Here's where to find the "magic" box:
  • On the 1040 tax form the box is Line 25.
  • On the 1040EZ tax form it is Line 18.
  • In the Telefile instructions it is Line 13d.
For more information, call the Ohio Historical Society at 1-800-686-6124.

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