Monday, September 27, 2010


Who knew that anyone would want to price beer cans? Well, now the Reference Department of the Massillon Public Library knows, and so do you! Louisville Public Library had the catalogue that contained the knowledge being sought by one of our patrons during the recent past.

The questions have been more diverse than usual these past few weeks. Our Reference Staff have been busy searching for state laws pertaining to child custody issues. We were able to guide the patron to The Public Library of Law website at, one of the largest free law libraries in the world. We were also able to help a patron find the Ohio law to determine the culpability of someone who did not report a sexually transmitted disease. Since we are not attorneys, these patrons were encouraged to seek help at websites that were compatible with their problems. Sites such as the Cleveland Law Library and have proven very helpful.

Study materials have also been a popular item as well. How to write a memoir, educational journals on special education, and documentary movies on planets were needed by our eager-to-learn-patrons. One of the more interesting queries was a nun who was trying find one of her ex-students, a priest. We found him at a new position at one of the merged parishes.

College and high school students have been swarming in with urgent requests for help. One student had a project on world poverty and we were able to guide her to the United Nations website and to find more information about the eight anti-poverty goals adopted by the General Assembly at a Summit Meeting that took place on September 20-22, 2010. We are confident that the next several months will be just as challenging if not more challenging! Bring your questions on!