Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have a Question?

Questions have been streaming in this past month ranging from school projects to historical landmarks. Why would a person choose to live in the Himalayas you might ask? Perhaps you are an avid skier or perhaps you would like to volunteer your time to help children of another culture. Finding a plethora of information in our collection materials, our patron was able to leave the library feeling confident to research this question further. Have you ever speculated about the architectural wonders of Ancient Troy? Well, come on in and we can help you. As always, local history questions keep us on our toes. During the past month we helped patrons research information on local businesses such as Perry Rubber, Realty Rubber, Hastings Lumber and the Massillon Women’s Club using our “newspaper clippings” notebooks and our Massillon Memory database http://www.massillonmemory.org/. We are thankful for our volunteers, past and present, who have diligently cut out articles pertaining to local businesses and news and populated this local history web site. Using http://www.oplin.org/academic, one of the library’s databases, we were able to answer queries ranging from America’s governmental secrecy to stem cell research. Have a “how-to” question? We can help you find out how to remove plastic from antiques, house-break older dogs, get an appraisal on the value of a Bible from the 1700’s, or how to research material for writing a book on female murderers from Massillon. We love our jobs! Let the Massillon Public Library Reference Department assist you in your quest for knowledge!