Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep Them Coming!

Questions that is. The Reference Department helped patrons with quite an array of topics during the last month. Surprisingly, only one inquiry was about the earthquake in Japan. School assignments were at the top of the list and kept us very busy. Occupations seemed to be the main theme behind the assignments, though topics ranged from the Mayan culture to nanotechnology. Our available databases and print collection came quite in handy. Many of our patrons have been very happy to use both of our automotive repair databases: Alldata Online and Chilton Online Auto Repair, both of which can be found at Typing a few strokes on the keyboard and almost magically you have instructions and illustrations at your fingertips. Online genealogy resources and our local history files are very popular. We were able to find a detailed map of Massillon using our database Sandborn Fire Insurance Maps, Another question came in regarding the history of East Greenville Methodist Church and we were able to find the answers in the Newspaper Archive database, Finding information on the Massillon Women's Club was as easy as looking in our files, complied over the years by our faithful volunteers. We always look forward to interesting questions and challenges, so keep them coming!