Monday, October 3, 2011


Fall is the time of year when the air outside gets cooler, and the leaves change colors. It is also the season for harvesting pumpkins. Pumpkins are used for cooking, baking, animal feed, and decoration. But here are a few fun facts you might not know about this fall favorite.

Pumpkin Fun Facts from the book Farmstand Favorites Pumpkins from Hatherleigh Press 2010.

Ohio is one of America's top pumpkin-producing states. Pumpkins are a fruit that consists of 90% water. They can come in almost any color, including blue and red. Do not store your pumpkin near apples. Apples produce ethylene gas while they ripen. The ethylene gas will cause the pumpkins ripening process to speed up, giving the pumpkins a shorter storage life.

The Ohio Valley of Giant Pumpkin Growers lists Christy Harp as the time record holder (2009) for Ohio's largest giant pumpkin which weighed 1725 lbs.

Want to learn more about pumpkins the University of Illinois Extension Pumpkins and More web site all about pumpkins, facts, growing, and festivals.

To find your perfect pumpkin try the Pumpkin Patches and More web site directory of local, state, and regional pumpkin patches and farms near you.

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