Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time After Time

We received a particularly fun information request today that inspired us to pull out our old Ace of Base cassette tapes!

A visitor from Solon, Ohio, approached our Reference Desk and asked us about our microfilm capabilities here at the library. (Note: our Reference Department houses virtually every issue of The Massillon Independent from 1863 to the present day; we also offer three microfilm readers that are free and available to the public.)

It turns out that this particular gentleman was a graduate of Fairless High School and was crowned prom king back in his heyday of 1994! He remembered his picture appearing in an issue of The Independent but forgot to save himself a copy, so he turned to us for some help in tracking down that long-lost article.

After some careful investigation of some early May 1994 issues of the newspaper, we reunited the former prom king with his royal write-up, picture included. And, proving once again that we're hurtling towards immersion in the digital age, we offered to email our visitor a copy of the scanned article as a .jpg email attachment.

Reuniting the past with the present and rekindling old memories -- yet another service your library happily offers!

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